Our Goals

  • Modernization of Albanian ‘s Universities technological transfer offices (TTO)
  • Youth employment in key sectors of Albania economy (agri-food) through start up and spin off creation
  • Cooperation and networking among universities at local and international level

Expected Outputs

  • Co designed guide lines of Albanian TTOs functioning
  • Increase in competences level and skills of Albanian ‘s HEIs TTOs
  • TTOs services implemented by pilot initiatives
  • TTOs international network creation


Albania, as Partner Country, aims to improve the quality of its Higher Education system in order to be more responsive to the labour market needs and requirements by strengthening technology transfer and cooperation with businesses. The need is to qualify a service for the Albanian Universities (HEIs) third mission’s activities by space’s availabilities and sharing knowledge in each of the partner universities. This project aims to transfer original and innovative methodologies and knowledge to different target groups: Academic and university administrative staff, students, enterprises, SMEs, mainly in the agro food sector, public institutions. The main project result is the increase of innovation and competitiveness level in the Albanian Universities and businesses system and so the increase of Youth employment in agri food sector. The project strategy is based on a new approach for a modern technological transfer system. From traditional linear technology transfer model to a systemic and circular one that involves all innovation players (from public bodies to research organizations, companies and innovation agencies). The modernized Albanian HEIs TTOs collaboration at national and international level, is the further means through which a stronger ecosystem of innovation is achieved.