Sept 2021 Exchange Lab Bari
Exchange Lab Bari (7-8 September 2021)

The activity was organized in Bari to show how it works the TTO of the University of Bari and
present some cases of spin-offs and university-business collaboration (technical visits)  Learn More ...

Oct 2021 Exchange Lab Cyprus
Exchange Lab Cyprus (13-15 October 2021)

The activity was organized in Limassol to show how it works the TTO of the CUT and present some
cases of spin-offs, research and university-business collaboration with testimonials and experts

Aug 2022 Living Lab Albania
Living Lab Albania
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Aug 2022 Living Lab Bari
Living Lab Bari

The project activities consisted in the activation of four Living Labs at the Albanian Universities
with the involvement of students, researchers and companies for the Analysis of Needs and the
academic staff for the TTO services co-design. The Living Lab have been organized form the 13 th to
the 16 th in every Albanian University forn the needs analysis and a final session for the
identification of the solutions with has been realized in Bari